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A Brief About The Application and website

An application which sells all construction and building materials. In addition, all house supplements and needs, such as (lightings, electricity & plumping equipment, cleaning supplies, security systems, phones, furniture, and home accessories.)


The Idea

 4HOUSE application works in parallel with suppliers who wants to be part of our family. Each supplier will have his own login editable page, where they can show their products and can adjust the prices. The whole process of sales and delivery for the client will be run and controlled by 4HOUSE application. The Idea A Brief About The Application

Our mission

Save time and effort for each client by providing all materials and supplements needed under one roof, where they can navigate all the offers from all the suppliers and choose the desired product.


Our Vision

To be the only leading application of the most innovative companies of housing products and materials. Believing technology makes life better for everyone, if used properly. By developing smart methodologies to make life easier and productive around the globe, 4House willbe leading the market.

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