IPL Bulb for IPL Hair Removal System ES-WH80 - Panasonic - White


Iron - Black & Decker - Heavy Weight Dry Iron 1200W - Black

IPL Hair Removal - Panasonic - White

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Product Code: ES-WH90-P722
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-IPL hair removal with facial skin rejuvenation
-Body and facial hair removal with 2 attachment (body & face)
-Safe and effective treatment suitable for legs (10 min), arms (5 min), underarms (2 min), bikini line (2 min) and face (3 min)
-Quick, Easy and Comfortable to Use
-For best results, shave before IPL treatment
-For fine, smooth skin then glows
-5.4 cucm wide flash window
-Cordless, lightweight and ergonomic design
-5 intensity settings
-600 flashes per charge
-Hair colors for which product is suitable: Black, Dark brown, Brown, Dark blond


-Brand: Panasonic
-Product code: ES-WH90-P722
-Type: IPL Hair Removal
-Color: White
-Intensity settings: 5 settings
-Charging time: 3 hours for 600 flashes/1.5 hours for 320 flashes
-Flash per charge: 600 flashes
-Flash Bulb Life: 100,000 flashes
-Flash window size: (5.4 cm2 for body) - (2.4 cm2 for face)
-Weight: 346 g
-Dimensions: 21.3 x 6.9 x 4.4 cm

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